A girl with long hair needed something new. These plain, black hair ties just weren't going to do.
They caused dents in her hair and lines on her arm and sometimes people would snap them and that caused so much harm.


They always looked tacky with what she was wearing, she needed something different, something more daring.

What to do?!

A bracelet she made that doubled for her hair and it caused others to want and others to stare.
One day she ran into a damsel in distress, whose hair ties lacked luster and failed to impress.
The new friend exclaimed, "I want that, I want more! Please help me get them into my store!"
A partnership was made with excitement and glee to provide everyone with a new hair accessory!
So off the two went to create a new painless twist that also fit fashionably on your wrist!

In a nutshell, that really was how it all began! Michele embarked on her journey hand-tying and selling hair ties and headbands at local schools and events around Snoqualmie, Washington. Her booth was always popular and soon her collection landed in some local stores. In the meantime, in Bellevue, Washington, Joyce had a store that already carried these products, but was frustrated that the colors and styles she wanted were often unavailable. She then began researching the industry further in an attempt to keep these popular products in stock for her locations. Joyce was too busy to do much with her findings and Michele wanted to expand her business further and sell the hair accessories online. As fate would have it, Joyce came across a picture of Michele's work and immediately got in touch. The next day the girls met over a long breakfast that turned into lunch that turned into Love Me Knot™

A fashion-must for the dreamer with wanderlust, Love Me Knot™ hair accessories go wherever life takes you.